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Patio Scapes

Green Roofs and Rooftops


Aside from aesthetic beauty, there is a great environmental and economic impact that Rooftop Gardens and Greenroofs add to a community.† †

Additional Benefits include:


  • An increase in property value

  • The soothing nature of plants enhances a building's appearance and will provide a natural outdoor area for occupant use.

  • A decrease in the amount of air toxins as plants naturally filter out the unwanted toxins and pump oxygen into the air

  • Increased energy efficiency due to added roof insulation. Specifically; reducing the amount of energy it takes to heat and cool the building

  • †Reduces the Urban Heat Island Effect by about 5-10 degrees F.

  • †Five inches of plant medium can create an acoustical benefit: of lower noise by as much as 40 decibels.

  • Earn LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) points. Greenroofs can qualify your project for at least six points towards a Platinum rating of 52 out of 69 possible LEED points.

  • Plant varieties and greenroof depth act as Stormwater Runoff controls. Four inches of plantings and soil can absorb as much as 1" of water during a rainstorm.

  • Irrigation is often limited or unnecessary

Holiday Decorations


Madison Florist has a beautiful assortment of fresh evergreen wreaths, Poinsettias, beautiful garlands, and picturesque Christmas trees for your holiday decorating needs. During the holiday season our stunning decorations will transform your workplace in to a Holiday showpiece.


Event Rentals

Your next special event will come alive with the addition of live plants in decorative containers. Live plants add warmth and ambience to any event and can be used as your main decorating tool or to enhance an event theme. Whether you are hosting a corporate event or a wedding, our Event Plant Scape team can take the work out of decorating. With just a phone call, we'll handle the details of plant delivery, set-up and removal.


Replica Plants

Madison Florist is a leading provider of incredibly authentic replica plants, trees and preserved palms. Almost indistinguishable from live foliage, our products offer unmatched realism.


Often, replica plants provide the most economical long-term solution to many interior and exterior site challenges where live alternatives arenít feasible. And, there are several advantages of replica over "live". Live trees require special lighting, special irrigation, and special drainage. While we often provide for these conditions, occasional site limitations and costs dictate an alternative. With the exception of a periodic cleaning, our preserved trees require no ongoing maintenance Ė and remain beautiful by staying in the same preserved state.


Replica solutions include preserved palm trees, replica trees, oriental bamboo, tropical foliage, ivy and much more. They are available fire retarded, UV protected, water resistant and weather tolerant. Donít see quite what youíre looking for? Just inquire. Chances are, we can get it!

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