Plantscape & Maintenance Program

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Madison Florist's horticultural experts have years of experience in nurturing plants in various environments. Our lush-green plants establish an image of success and style while giving your work environment a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Madison Florist will coordinate an integrated Interior plant design for your Commercial space that will complement your existing furniture and layout. Once we have designed the plant display, we will send our team of skilled professionals on a weekly basis to ensure the quality and longevity of your plants is sustained.


A professional design consultant will visit you, the architect, designer, office manager or home owner to help create your desired interior landscaping plan. During this visit, together as a team, we will choose plants and pottery to complete your overall design.


Weekly maintenance by our horticulture experts will include watering, the resource of plant food, fertilization and pest control preservation for every plant in the office. If any of the plants that we have provided wilt or perish under our supervision, we will replace it immediately at no charge to the client.


As part of our weekly maintenance and plant guarantee program you are fully insured and covered for the health and maintenance of each green plant purchased through Madison Florist. If any of the green plants purchased through Madison Florist perish or cannot be rehabilitated, we will immediately replace the plant with a brand new one.

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