Petal Points

What are Petal Points?
Introducing Petal Points Rewards Program by Madison Florist. Now you earn points
for buying the flowers and arrangements you love and can use the points to cash
savings against future orders or even free stuff. We would love to see you come back
again so to do that, we want to reward you for choosing us and to give you all the
perks that come along with it.

How can I earn Petal Points?
Earning Petal Points is easy. There are lots of ways to earn points, even for free. You
earn 1 point for every dollar you spend on any of the products on our site. You also
get 25 free bonus points when you purchase $100 or more at any one time on top
of the points you’ve already earned. You can also get points automatically simply
by registering at or referring a friend. You also earn points
by buying products that have bonus points, signing up to our newsletter, liking us
on Facebook, Following us on Twitter, posting a review about us on Google Places
or with one of the many giveaways we’ll be handing out in the near future. We’ll be
constantly thinking of new ways to all you to earn even more Petal Points.

How do I use Petal Points?
Petal points can be redeemed during the checkout process. Simply specify how
many points you would like to use in the specified box and it will automatically
deduct the discount from the total price. You can also apply and combine gift
certificates and active coupons to your Petal Points discounts for even bigger

What are bonus Petal Points?
We want to make earning Petal Points quick and easy so to do that, we’re also
offering bonus Petal Points. Bonus Petal Points are free Petal Points you earn on
top of what you spend when buying certain products. One way to earn bonus Petal
Points is when you spend $125 at any one time and you earn 25 free bonus Petal
Points on top of the Petal Points you just earned. We’ll also be frequently offering
bonus Petal Points on certain products that will reward you with even more points
than the product is actually worth.

What are my Petal Points worth?
Petal Points are broken down as follows:
1,000 Petal Points = $50.00 off

500 Petal Points = $25.00 off
250 Petal Points = $12.50 off
100 Petal Points = $5 off
50 Petal Points = $2.50 off
25 Petal Points = $1.25 off
10 Petal Points = $.50 off

How do I get my Petal Points for joining Madison Florist’s Facebook/Twitter/
News Letter?

Because is not linked to your Facebook/Twitter accounts
or your subscription to our newsletter, we need to manually reward you with Petal
Points for joining any of our 3 social networks. Simply call or e-mail us and let us
know your username and which of the 3 you’ve signed up
to and include your Facebook name, Twitter name or the e-mail you used for the
newsletter and we’ll add 20 Petal Points to your account for each network you sign
up to. There’s no limit to how many you can sign up to so sign up to all 3 and gets 3
times the points for a total of 60 Petal Points! Petal Points for signing up to the social
networks can only be earned 1 time.

How do I get my Petal Points for posting a review on Google Places?
We like to hear feedback from our customers so that we can work to improve on
everything we do and reviews go a long way in helping us improve our service. To
earn 20 more Petal Points, simply post an honest review about us at LINK HERE and
call or e-mail us and include your username and a link to
your review and we’ll add 20 more Petal Points to your account!

Do my Petal Points expire?
Earned Petal Points do not expire, however the Petal Points rewards program is
subject to change.

For questions or comments regarding the new Petal Points rewards program e-mail
us at

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