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Keeping living plants perpetually looking beautiful is both a science and an art. We are extremely good at it. Just like a well tuned automobile, plants also need constant fine tuning. Our highly trained plant technicians will visit your business or residence weekly to care for the plants we installed or plants you may already own. To ensure a continued "greenhouse fresh look", The Plantscapers replace plants when necessary, usually before the problem is apparent to anyone


The use of the appropriate highest grade fertilizers for each  individual plant.


Weekly watering with the correct amounts for each plant.


Keeping all leaves dust free and shiny.

Pest Control

The use of environmental safe products to eliminate pests and diseases.


Replacing any plants which are not fresh and healthy looking. We guarantee your account will always look its best.


Madison Florist & Plantscapers possess liability insurance and is certified with the State of New York for Workers Compensation for all of their employees.

Quality Control

Periodically, a manager will visit your establishment to ensure the best quality work is being done at your facility and to keep ongoing communication, with you the client, to maintain an excellent relationship!

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