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When you accept the Guarantee Program, your investment will be protected and insured. Because interior environments are foreign to all plants, even with proper maintenance procedures, over time plants can become sparse and weak, losing significant aesthetic value. With our Plant Guarantee Program, such plants will be automatically replaced at no additional cost.


The Guarantee Program can be applied to existing plant material. If your existing Plantscape is due for a tune-up or a complete overhaul, Madison Floristís plantscape installation crew can help. Our crew will refurbish the existing healthy plants. This entails: cleaning, trimming, pruning, fertilizing, pest control, re-potting, proper staging, and appropriate protective saucers and mats. Because fewer plant problems occur in a clean, pest and disease free environment, employees may take away unsightly plants (with client approval); diseased plants will be discarded.


All remaining healthy plants will be placed on the Plant Guarantee Program. Additional plants and containers may be purchased gradually; and with each purchase the guarantee program will be extended. The benefits of the Guarantee Program greatly outweigh the minimal cost because your Plantscape will continue to be of the highest quality possible at all times.

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