What kinds of information do I need before I call the florist?

If you are having the flowers delivered, have the recipient's full name, address and telephone number ready. Any special information or instructions such as a work number, work hours and times the recipient will be available are also helpful. In addition, having your payment information ready will also speed up the ordering process.

How do I know what to order?

Due to the extensive variety in arrangement styles, varieties and other gift items the ordering process has become increasingly difficult. If you want to make the most of your floral gift selection knowing a few personal things about the recipient will ease the process. A few examples include the recipient's personality, favorite colors or flowers, interests, and the décor of the venue you are sending the gift to. Don't dismay if you don't know any personal information of the recipient, because florists experts in the art of expression for all occasions and tributes.

What if the flowers I have ordered are not available?

We make every attempt to ensure our web featured products are in season and available. However, when ordering catalogue items, it is sometimes necessary to substitute flowers in an effort to maintain the appearance, style and feel of the arrangement.   Some of the factors that have an influence on flower availability are floral and plant growing seasons, unforeseen natural occurrences. In addition, certain flowers may not be as readily accessible in rural areas of the United States, and internationally.   Madison Florist reserves the right to substitute flowers of a similar color, appearance and value.
The following guidelines are followed by our design team.
1. Great effort is made to maintain style and color scheme.
2. When specific flowers are requested, flower type takes priority over color.
During major holidays we make our best effort to provide the flowers requested. However, due to the increase in demand this is not always feasible.

What is the best way to send flowers outside New York?

We are members of the FTD and Teleflora national and international wire services. Our staff is knowledgeable as to the traditions and customs of all fifty states and internationally. We ensure that your order will be treated personally and in good care.

If I send flowers to another town, how do I know what I will get?

Anything you select from our online catalogue will be the item arranged. In the event that certain flowers are not available the florist will substitute accordingly while maintaining the look, feel and integrity of the item you have selected. If you have something specific in mind contact us at 1-800-660-477 so we could better assist you. However, you must allow ample time special types of flowers or plants to be ordered.

How can I set up a corporate or personal account?

Serving the Metro area for over 75 years, we have proudly served and performed services from some of the area's most elite companies. In order to set up a corporate account please dial 800.660.477 and ask to speak to an Account Administrator .

Can you send me a bill?

We offer direct billing options for our regular customers. For further information on the requirements are for establishing an in-house account, please contact us at 1-800-660-4777.

Where do your flowers come from?

The abundant varieties in our shop are imported from domestic and global grower markets. Such continents include Europe, Australia, Africa, South America and more. More specifically, Holland, Ecuador, The Caribbean Market, and Hawaii just to name a few.

What time will my order be delivered?

•Office and Business deliveries are made anytime between 9-4PM and home deliveries are made anytime between 10-8PM.

•In order to ensure same day delivery, orders must be placed by 2:00 p.m. in the gift recipient's time zone Monday thru Saturday. Orders for Sunday delivery must be placed by Friday and cannot be guaranteed in some areas of the United States and internationally.

•Deliveries will not be made on national holidays. For further inquiries call 1-800-660-4777 or contact us via email

•In certain rural areas deliveries may not be possible.

• International deliveries require two business days to be completed.

• Fruit baskets, exotic and Holland arrangements require a 24- hour advance notice in some locations.

• Any specified or preferred timed deliveries require a three hour window.

Is there a sales tax added to an order?

All orders are charged New York State sales tax on the full amount of the flower order. If your organization is tax exempt, please Fax the document to 718.382.5302

Can I have weekly flower deliveries?

We can schedule a weekly flower delivery to your residence or place of business. Call us for a consultation or e-mail us at sales@flowersbymadison.com . Weekly deliveries are scheduled on a specified day on a weekly basis within an approximate time frame. Billing is conducted on a monthly basis.

Can I cancel or make changes to my order?

24 hour notice is required for any cancellations and changes of any order.

How do special offers work?

Special offers, coupons, and discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.  Limit one promotion per order.

How long can I expect the flowers to last?

Each and every flower type has a distinct lifespan. Typically, flowers and floral arrangements that are displayed in normal room temperature environments last a minimum of 3-5 days, but there are also many flower types that are hardier and can last much longer. The care and maintenance of the flowers can also prolong the longevity of the arrangement. If longevity is a priority when placing an order, please let one of our sales representatives know so that we can make the appropriate suggestions. On occasion, flowers may wilt prior to its normal lifespan and this can be due to circumstances out of our control such as extreme heat or cold due to the weather while in transfer and/or where the flowers are displayed. If a flower arrangement or part of the flower arrangement begins to wilt prior to its average life cycle, it is our policy to exchange them for a new arrangement at no additional cost to you. Refunds are not entitled under this policy.

Can I revive a wilted rose?

If a rose wilts prematurely, remove it from the arrangement and Fill a sink with warm water. Then lay the rose horizontally in the water and slice the stem approximately 1” in length under the warm water. Allow the rose to soak for precisely two hours while the water cools. This only works if the rose is not already past its vase life.

Since plants like sunshine, should I put my arrangement in the sun?

No. To the contrary of growing flowers who endure sunshine because cut flowers will fade much faster if exposed to heat and direct sunlight. In order to saturate longevity, keep flowers in a place away from sun and drafts.

How do I know what flowers are appropriate to send for a funeral?

Sympathy tributes vary across the country, and in particular around the world. Anything listed on our sympathy tributes section is definitely suitable. However, for the best recommendations call us at 1-800-660-4777.

How do I order a custom design?

Over the years, type of funeral arrangements has grown from the traditional to distinctive custom pieces. Personalized sympathy tributes depict an aspect of a person's essence. A few examples include: A favorite sports team, An Angel, A favorite hobby or a nickname.

Is it appropriate send flowers to the family's home?

Definitely. This is a great way to express your sympathy. Some people prefer to send flowers to the home immediately while others prefer to wait for weeks after the service. This gesture can be a very comforting token during the grieving.

Is it acceptable to send roses or flowers in a glass vase to the funeral home, is this acceptable?

From an etiquette perspective this is absolutely acceptable. In fact, some people prefer to send an elegantly vased arrangement.

Is it appropriate to send a plant to the funeral home?

Yes, it is appropriate to send a green or flowering plant. Then once the services are complete, the funeral homes may deliver the plants or flowers to the home if specified.

What is appropriate to send for a cremation?

Usually the immediate family will displays a memorial piece by the urn. The etiquette for the other family and friends is consistent with the traditional sympathy tributes.

Can you guarantee delivery on a holiday?

As long the order is placed in a timely manner we can deliver in time for a holiday. Due to the increase in demand on holidays, specific times cannot be guaranteed. However, we do prioritize offices and businesses due to the shortened time frame the recipient will be available. A good technique to follow is to have all of the recipient's necessary information organized, and place the orders early. Also consider having the order delivered on the eve of a holiday.

How long before a holiday should I order my flowers to be delivered?

Since flowers are personal and preferred gift items during holiday seasons you must counter the demand by placing your order one to two weeks prior to the holiday. This will ensure the quality of service and product you desire will be provided.

What information do I need when ordering flowers for a hospital?

• The name the patient will be listed under.

• The name of the hospital

• Room number (If admitted)

• If the hospital has a policy on flowers

Is it acceptable to wait and send get-well flowers once someone returns home from the hospital?

Absolutely. Flowers are a great reminder that they are remembered and loved while being in the comfort of their own home.

What styles and colors are appropriate for a man?

Typically, men prefer contemporary, linear styles or natural styles floral arrangements in bright vivid colors such as, red, purple, orange, gold and bright yellow. If you don't want to send flowers, any green or blooming plant will also be fitting.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and Carte Blanche.

Prom Flowers

How far in advance should I order flowers for the prom?

Due to the fact that prom season falls during Mother's Day and wedding season, it is important to order at least one to two weeks in advance to ensure that we can provide you with whatever your floral desire may be.

Should the boutonniere match the corsage?

Although it is not necessary, it has become a popular trend.

What is the hottest corsage for proms at the moment?

The two most popular styles are wrist corsages and small hand-held nosegays. A few admired flowers that you can use are standard roses, dendrobium and cymbidium orchids, mini (or sweetheart) roses and freesia.

What is the best corsage for a strapless dress?

Either a wrist corsage or a hand-held nosegay is both suitable.


When I am planning an event an event, where do I start with planning the floral décor?

• Decide on a theme, style and mood of the event.

• Approximate the number of guests in attendance and seating arrangements.

• Once you have selected a venue, evaluate the décor of the room(s) and visualize where the

floral décor will impact the most.

• Consider the elements and establish a budget.

• Call us to set up a free consultation at 1-800-660-4777.

Can I decorate for the event on a small budget?

Definitely. We can make suggestions that will maximize the décor for your budget.

Am I entitled to a Refund?

You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information required for the delivery of your order. If your delivery is attempted, but not completed due to inaccurate or incomplete information provided by you, the cost of your order will not be refunded.

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